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Web Design

We have three main options for creating your website:


Option 1 - Web Builder:

If you're pretty tech savvy, you can give our website builder a go. This comes free with hosting plans starter and above. There's 170 templates to chose from, and you make your site in your web browser. Check out the templates here

If you require more functionality, the designs don't catch your eye, or simply want a unique website, then our designers can create your masterpiece from the below two options.


Option 2 - Template based design:

For just $999, including Premuim Web Hosting and your .nz/.com This will get you a website based on a template, mobile version of your website, up to 10 pages created for you, 1 hours worth of template modifications (colour / background changes etc) and integrated into a content management system.


Option 3 - Full Web Design:

For just $1,999, including Premuim Web Hosting and your .nz/.com, including If you want to really stand out, and we cannot adapt a template to suit your needs. then full web design starts at $1999. This will get you a website up to 15 pages created for you, mobile version of your website, all designed from scratch and integrated into a content management system.



Free addon! If you're thinking of starting an e-commerce website but worried about the setup cost? Don't be fooled, it won't cost you thousands to setup an online shop, not even hundreds! In fact, there are plenty of free open source shopping carts out there, currently we have '1 click installers' available for OsCommerce and ZenCart within our hosting management panel, Sentora.

A mobile version of your website is quite important now, not only is mobile browsing accounting for almost 1/3 of all traffic to websites globally, its a requirement by Google after April 21 2015 for your website to even show in their search results!. A mobile friendly version shows a 'cut down' version of your website, so it can be easily displayed on a smaller screen. If you visit our site from your mobile to see an example.

Already have a website?


Do you already have a website? Time for an upgrade / revamp? Or require extra features - check out our portfolio, drop us an email, or give us a call on 0800 Web Guy, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is!


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